My love for vinyl began in 2012 when I inherited my Grandma’s record collection, but did not have a record player. Instead I started painting on them for Christmas presents. After moving back to NY in 2013 began selling my painted records in local gift stores. Shortly after arriving back in my hometown, I met up with a high school friend and we began a business teaching social painting classes on vinyl records. Just one month into our classes and we received a HUGE donation of 24,000 records! The impact of saving these records from a landfill was felt and though we didn’t need them, we continued to accept record donations from Pittsburgh to Virginia. The response has been positive (after reassuring the few concerned that we are not painting on the Beatles or Elvis). Upcycling records into paintings that now hang on a wall has been a rewarding experience. I love hearing people  nostalgically discussing the record covers at the end of class as they choose one to take home with their piece. The music and song titles continue to inspire me as does the process of painting in a sustainable way, and I enjoy sharing this experience with others.  (Even if it means explaining to kids what a record is…) It’s a beautiful way to share our artwork and keep this classic music alive.  ~Aimee

*If you have a number of records you would like to donate please email info@zest4art.com with “Donation” in the subject line.

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