My tagline “Eat. Paint. Love.” is a spin on the book, “Eat Pray Love” (which I haven’t yet read but will get to it one of these days..)  The first two are pretty self explanitory.  Love referes to my mission.  I’ve found it’s not always easy to give, especially when you’re not rich.  Just in the few months since re-launching I have second guessed my “mission” to donate 10% each month to a different cause.  Friends have continued to encourage me, and when the time comes to hand each person or charity a check I find myself feeling love for a previous stranger.  Getting to know them, and understanding they truly appreciate any contribution makes my heart grow a little bit bigger.

This past week I’ve been thinking about my dad more than usual.  It’s now been two years since he passed away.  I continue to be moved as people share old and new stories of how he helped, motivated or inspired them, such as “The last time I saw him, he was at the back register at the Food Mart paying for some groceries for an elderly man.” There was a void in November of where I should donate, so I’ve decided to create the Randy Bergvall Scholarship for a senior at my high school who is pursuing a career in entrepreneurship, engineering or construction.  I also scheduled a fundraiser on my birthday and created this barn scene for it, which I think he would have liked.  ~Aimee

Red Barn

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