An Ocean of Music and Art

This past week I had some great classes at my studio in addition to the kid’s camp.  First was a group who had a special request for the sunflower.  They didn’t have enough people for a private party but I was able to work with their schedule to get it on my calendar as an open event.  Anyone is welcome to pull a few friends together and request a certain painting on a day as an open class.

Thursday I went to Ginnie’s going away party in Corning.  The ARTS Council has been so supportive and we will all miss her, but I know she will be doing many great things for the arts in New Hampshire!  I couldn’t help but get inspired by the great collection of art in their gallery while listening to a fabulous harpist.  I was reminded how charming of a town Corning is while walking up and down Market St. and ended up staying an extra hour enjoying the live music in the square.  Playing one instrument is hard and this guy played at least 5 and sounded like a whole band by himself.  Kudos to Virgil Cain – for real!

On Friday we painted the island scene and then I headed to The Cohocton Mill to promote my records by moonlight while jammin to the talented Dive House Union and Mosaic Foundation.  A double booked evening meant extra dancing and good times and I picked up a couple incredible handmade pieces crafted in the Ndor Eco-Village in rural Ghana.  I love seeing the amazing work people are doing for communities around the world.

Saturday I stopped by a fundraiser for the Kenya School Project.  I had donated a couple seats and got talked into staying for dinner and the raffles.  It was a huge success as they raised $10,000 for a truly great project!  I couldn’t stay away from Brae Burn for long and was back on Sunday for a wonderful class painting the beach scene.  A couple kids, some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and a few new painters rounded out the group.  Thanks everyone for the great week of art and music!  ~Aimee

07.08_sunflower group 07.10 Harpist 07.10_corning 07.11_palm trees group 07.11_mill 07.11_mosaic 07.12_fundraiser 07.13_group

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