Art Camp

This past week was my first kid’s art camp.  I only had one sign up but I hadn’t done much marketing leading up to it and there is a lot of competition for summer activities!  Olivia has painted with me so many times already and is like a honerary niece to me so we had a blast.  Being the only kid I got to spoil her a little.  She is learning how to shoot a bow and arrow and had commented on my huge bullseye painting so I asked if she wanted to learn how to do one of the large drizzle paintings.  The look in her eyes was priceless.  She picked her background vinyl and the paint colors and learned how to glue a frame and stretch the finished piece.  She also painted two of her dog’s silhouettes.  In addition to the records we painted a treasure box and then went out to the beach to find a shell for her first “treasure”.  I had a rough start to snack time and my chips and hummus and freshly picked peas didn’t go over nearly as well as grandma cookies and freeze pops!  By the end of the week I figured it out. 🙂  Oh and on the last day I may have taught her how to drive the 4-wheeler, but shhh don’t tell her mom…  Olivia is coming back for more fun at fairy house camp July 21st – 24th.  We will be hiking through the woods to gather supplies and building portable structures out of these natural materials.  The idea was inspired by the book “Fairy Houses… Everywhere!” by Barry & Tracy Kane.   I know we’ll have fun if it is just us again, but it would be great if some more kids joined us as well!   ~Aimee

07.10_zebra 07.10_zebra blue 07.10_stripes 07.10_abstract 07.10_silhouette 07.10_starfish 07.10_treasure boxes 07.10_shells 07.10_4wheel 07.10_thank you

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